6 Celebrities That Used Weight Loss Supplements

Have you ever wondered how famous celebrities stay looking so fit? Well, they exercise and most eat right. But they’re also big fans of weight loss supplements, in some cases. In this article, we’ll look at:

  • How weight loss supplements are used in the celebrity world
  • Whether celebs really lose weight and maintain by taking supplements
  • What the supplements each celebrity takes can do for you

Ready to learn the secrets of the stars? Here’s how your favorite celebrities use weight loss supplements.

1. Melissa McCarthy

Celeb Status: Actress, Comedian

Type of Weight Loss Supplement: Garcinia Cambogia (appetite suppressant)

Weight Loss: 70 pounds

Melissa McCarthy is a famous American actress and comedian. She’s best known for her role as Sookie in Gilmore Girls. At the time the show aired from 2000 to 2007, McCarthy was a bit chubby, but since the show’s end she put on a few pounds.

To combat that weight gain, Melissa McCarthy followed a high-protein diet and to this day she swears by Garcinia Cambogia fruit. This supplement is an appetite suppressant that may help block your body’s ability to absorb fat.

So what does the science say? According to studies, Garcinia Cambogia extract can, in fact, help to stall the enzymes that turn starches into fat.

2. Snooki

Celeb Status: Reality Television Star

Type of Weight Loss Supplement: OTC Fat Burner

Weight Loss: 15 pounds

You may know Snookki from her role on reality television program Jersey Shore  on MTV. Or, you may simply know her because she had her day as a very large cog in the celebrity gossip wheel. When Snooki first began on Jersey Shore, she was a tad overweight. Suddenly, viewers were shocked to see that she was tiny almost overnight!

How did Snooki do it? The Chilean-American personality used weight loss supplements, like many celebrities! Her pill of choice was a fat burner that’s available over the counter. The particular blend she used formerly contained ephedrine, a  now-banned supplement in most countries. It’s unclear as to whether Snooki’s weight loss regimen included ephedrine or not.

Fat burners can work for you, if you use them in conjunction with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. Remember: no weight loss supplement is a miracle worker; you’ll have to make some lifestyle changes like we’re sure Snooki did!

3. Kim Kardashian

Celeb Status: Reality Television Star, Clothing Designer, Model

Type of Weight Loss Supplement: Green Tea Leaf Extract Blend (metabolic booster)

Weight Loss: 15 pounds

Kim Kardashian is one of those stars who is, in part, famous because she’s famous. But the celebrity does depend on her body image to make money, as she’s a model and a fashion designer in addition to starring in her reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

 If you follow Kim on social media or just in celebrity gossip, you’ll know that the model’s weight sometimes fluctuates. But when Kim wants to drop a few pounds, she’ll turn to an herbal blend that contains ingredients like green tea leaf extract, acai berry and other antioxidants.

Most recently, Kim reported that she lost 15 pounds using this supplement blend in just a few weeks. We think Kim’s beautiful, but we thank her for sharing her secret!

4. Wynonna Judd

Celeb Status: Singer, Actress

Type of Weight Loss Supplement: OTC Fat Blocker and Rehabilitation

Weight Loss: 55 pounds

American Country singer Wynonna Judd has struggled with her weight her whole life. The singer and actress has even gone to rehab for eating addiction, and through lifestyle changes and help from weight loss supplements, the celebrity has dropped 55 pounds from her curvy frame.

We don’t necessarily recommend that you check yourself into rehab unless you absolutely need to. It can help to speak with a doctor or a nutritionist to discover ways in which you can change your lifestyle. But it may help you to follow Ms. Judd’s example and check out a fat blocker as an addition to those lifestyle changes.

In countries around the world, there are fat blockers that have been studied and approved by governing agencies to be effective. However, there’s a catch: those pills can lead to some yucky side effects like gas, bloating and diarrhea, so weigh the pros and cons!

5. Lauren Goodger

Celeb Status: Reality Television Personality, Model

Type of Weight Loss Supplement: Metabolic Booster

Weight Loss: 4 dress sizes

Lauren Goodger is most widely recognized for her longstanding role on The Only Way is Essex in the UK. However, celebrity watchers may also have noticed that the star went from a size 18 to a size 10 very quickly!

How did she do it? By taking an over the counter metabolic booster. The specific drug she took contains 100% natural ingredients and is suitable for vegans, though the actress doesn’t claim to be vegan. Interviews with Lauren Goodger throughout her weight loss journey reported losses of as much as 10 pounds in a week.

That said, it’s not clear if Goodger used other supplements  in conjunction with her fat burner. Reportedly, she endorsed a “diet coffee” in 2019, and has attended at least one weight loss retreat. If you want to lose weight like Lauren Goodger, we recommend you combine a healthy mix of diet, exercise and metabolic boosters!

6. Lindsay Lohan

Celeb Status: Singer, Actress

Type of Weight Loss Supplement: Various

Weight Loss: 15 pounds

Sometimes an actor or actress will be so determined to keep a fit look that they try all manner of things to lose. That’s the case for American singer and actress Lindsay Lohan. The singer has held multiple interviews with celebrity news publications. In those interviews, the already-thin celebrity has cited:

  • Tea detox
  • Cryotherapy
  • High tech wetsuit
  • A steroid meant to improve breathing
  • And more

as methods she’s used to lose weight.

In later interviews, then 20-something celebrity admitted to having an eating disorder. She has since taken steps to become healthy and manage her illness.


Celebrities spend a lot of time in the limelight, and often feel pressure to look “skinny” or “fit.” For that reason, there are quite a few pills in the arsenals of these stars – some healthy, some not.

We encourage you to seek your own path on your weight loss journey, and don’t worry too much about what the stars are doing! Your body is uniquely yours, so chat with your doctor about what’s going to work best for you!