Looking for Best Weight Loss Methods? – 14 Have to Try Methods

If you’ve been trying to drop pounds for a while now, you’re probably aware that there are quite a few weight loss methods. It can be hard to tell which ones work and which ones are nonsense, so we’ve put together the best of the best for you.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to lose weight using one of many weight loss methods
  • Which weight loss methods will truly work
  • Simple tips and tricks that are both effective and fun

Let’s start shedding pounds! Here are the best weight loss methods you just have to try!

1. Weight loss pills and tablets

There are thousands of weight loss pills and tablets on the market today. Why not pop a few pills and watch yourself shrink?

Weight loss pills and tablets won’t work miracles, but they can definitely help you. They have a lot of benefits, too. Taking the right pill can:

  • Help you lose weight more quickly
  • Give you a “placebo effect” that keeps you on track
  • Provide vitamins and nutrients you may not be getting otherwise
  • Give you energy to work out more effectively

Not sure which to choose? This site has guides you can read to help you choose the right weight loss pills and tablets. Feel free to explore!

2. Weight loss powders

If you’re not a fan of taking pills, you can always use the weight loss powder weight loss method. Weight loss powders contain protein and various supplements that will help you shed pounds more quickly. Choose meal replacement powders or dietary supplements and:

  • Lose weight without feeling hungry
  • Enjoy tasty milkshakes and smoothies guilt-free
  • Get vitamins you may be missing out on by following a strict diet

Weight loss powders are available in tons of flavors, or you can choose the unflavored kind and mix up your own creation!

3. Lifting heavy weights

Generally speaking, muscle burns more fat than fat does. So if you want to burn more fat, you should think about building more muscle, right? There’s no better way to build muscle than by lifting heavy weights. If you’re otherwise healthy, order some weights or join a gym and get started today! Before you begin to lift you should:

  • Talk to your doctor to get her okay
  • Talk to a personal trainer about the correct way to lift
  • Find a workout buddy who can spot you to keep you safe

Done right, lifting heavy weights is one of the most effective weight loss methods there is!

4. Fasting

If you try fasting, be sure you don’t have any other health conditions. For instance, people who are diabetic shouldn’t fast as it may mess with their insulin levels.

If you don’t have any other conditions, intermittent fasting may be a weight loss method that works well for you. It’s easier than it sounds – all you’ll do is give yourself a food “curfew.” As an example, you’ll commit to not eating prior to 6 in the morning or after 4 in the afternoon. If you decide to fast, you should be sure you:

  • Talk to a doctor or nutritionist before you begin
  • Never go more than a day without eating – that’s just a bad idea
  • Keep a close eye on how you feel – dizziness, headache and crankiness are signs fasting isn’t right for you

Fasting can be done in quite a few ways, so do a bit of research before you try this weight loss method.

5. Zumba

Zumba is like a dance party at your gym.  You’ll shake your booty, flail your arms and look like Shakira on steroids when you join a Zumba class. Best of all, it’s fun, and no one will laugh at you because they’re shaking their booties, too.

Zumba is a weight loss method that’s been growing in popularity over the last decade or so. It’s fun, it’s sexy and you’ll get moving while you learn a few new dance moves. Try it out! You’ll love it!

6. Run until you collapse

Well, maybe until just before you collapse. Running, or even jogging and walking, is a great way to lose weight. Done carefully it’s a very effective weight loss method and you’ll feel so much better after you go!

Before you run make sure you:

  • Clear it with your doctor
  • Wear the proper gear, including properly fitting shoes
  • Use caution and always run in a safe place

If you don’t feel like pounding pavement, a treadmill can be just as effective.

7. Drink water

Replacing your sweet tea, soda and alcohol with water is a great weight loss method. You’ll not only cut back on the sugars that you’re taking in but you’ll also hydrate your body. Water is essential to weight loss because:

  • It helps replenish fluids you lose during exercise
  • It helps regulate your body temperature and keeps you safe
  • It aids in the digestive process, helping you lose weight more quickly

Water is the free weight loss method that comes straight from the sky – take advantage of it!

8. Fill half your plate with veggies

Vegetables are filling and they’re packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals you need. Unfortunately, most people are tempted to fill up their plates with starches and meat. Carbs and protein are good for weight loss, but you can lose weight quickly by filling half your plate with vegetables instead.

Make an effort to eat more fresh veggies – we think you’ll like this weight loss method.

9. Sing yourself some lullabies

Sleep is absolutely essential to weight loss. Studies show that people who get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night lose more weight than people who get less or more. Every person’s body is different, but the 7 to 9 hour rule is a good baseline.

Naturally hard for you to go to sleep? Try:

  • Aromatherapy, like lavender essential oils
  • Drinking chamomile tea before bed
  • Improving your bedtime routine to signal your body that it’s time to rest
  • Keeping electronics out of your bedroom
  • Avoiding alcohol before bedtime

Improved sleep hygiene is critical to your weight loss success.

10. Don’t diet, improve your lifestyle instead

When you diet, it’s a short term thing. After all, no one can live on cabbage soup every day for the rest of their life. Instead of looking at your weight loss methods as a diet, think of it as a lifestyle change. You’ll be more likely to stick with your plan in the long term, allowing you to keep the weight off for good.

11. Avoid fad diets

Everyone has seen the television doctors who claim that one food or another is the next superfood, or that one diet is the failproof weight loss method of the week. Don’t fall for what those quacks are preaching.

Time and time again, science has proven that the best way to lose weight is through healthy nutrition and exercise. So put away the Twinkie, get off the couch and start losing weight. You don’t even need to eat kale. (Unless, of course, you like that kind of thing.)

12. Walk

Walk to work. To the grocery store. From the far end of the parking lot to your office. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Walking:

  • Is an extremely effective weight loss method
  • Burns as many as 600 calories per hour – so even those five minutes count
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Improves your cardiovascular health
  • Improves your muscle tone

Even if you can’t walk to work or the store, you can still walk. Take laps around your house, for all we care. Just do it.

13. Download an app

There are oodles of apps out there for weight loss, and they can be some of the most effective weight loss methods. They’ll give you ideas, inspiration, accountability and you may even meet a few new people.

There are apps in your phone’s store that will:

  • Track the miles you’ve walked or run
  • Give you rewards for making healthy decisions
  • Allow you to enter weight loss contests and win real money
  • Network with others who are also trying to lose weight

Check out your Google Play, App Store or other app shop and find a program or two you think you’ll stick with.

14. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Everyone has a setback every now and then. You may have given into the banana split or had a few too many drinks with friends. That’s okay! Don’t make a habit of it, but a slip up here and there isn’t going to be the end of your weight loss attempts. Get back on track and get losing – determination and perseverance are the best weight loss methods there are!


You didn’t get fat overnight and you’re not going to get skinny by morning. But by making small changes to your daily routine, you can lose weight quickly. Use your common sense and remember that there’s no one perfect weight loss method. Proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes will have you losing weight in no time!