List: These 11 Types Of People Use Weight Loss Pills & Tablets

Have you ever wondered why the shelves of your local store are so well stocked with weight loss pills and tablets? It seems like there’s a pill for everything! There are fat burners, appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters – you name it, there’s a pill for it!

In this guide, we’re going to talk about:

  • The types of people who use weight loss pills
  • Categories of people you, yourself, might fall into
  • Why people buy weight loss pills, and why the weight loss pill makers keep supplying!

Ready to have fun? Let’s look at the X different types of people who buy weight loss pills!

1. The Gym Monsters

These people go to the gym every day – sometimes twice each day – and spend hours there! In fact, you’re more likely to see them at the health club than at work or home spending time with their families. Exercise is just that important to them.

The Gym Monsters can fall into a few sub-categories. There are the meatheads, who just lift and lift until they look like their skin is stretched so far it’ll pop. You know – the ones you can see their veins through their skin. They might be competitive lifters, or they may just like the way they look when they’re more muscle than anything else. Regardless, they love their weight loss pills and weight loss tablets, whether those pills actually work or not.

Then, there are the gym rats. These might be stay at home moms, trophy wives or people who just go to the gym for the social experience. You’ll find them on the treadmill, then at the smoothie bar. Wherever they are, they’ve got supplements in hand. They may not be able to tell you what they can do, but they saw the supplement on Dr. Oz, so they’re sold!

Finally, there are the weight loss people. These people are looking for a solution that’s going to help jumpstart – or sustain – their weight loss. They’ve got goals, and they’re looking for a product that’s going to help them accomplish those goals.

Do any of these sound like you? If so, there’s nothing wrong with taking weight loss pills! Just remember:

  • Keep it safe – talk to your doctor before you being a weight loss tablet
  • Know what you’re taking – be sure you’re using quality products with no weird ingredients
  • Be realistic – remember that no one pill is going to singlehandedly reach your Gym Monster goals

2. Miracle Seekers

The next group of people who take weight loss tablets and weight loss pills are the Miracle Seekers. These folks believe that it’s “all in the pill…” Eat what you want, don’t exercise – it’s all good! You’ll lose weight because you’re taking the latest trend in weight loss pills!

Don’t get us wrong. These people aren’t stupid. In fact, many are quite educated people who are simply too busy to work out, or travel so much that it’s inconvenient or very difficult to exercise or eat healthy foods.

Miracle Seekers aren’t always super busy, though. The truth hurts: sometimes they are just less motivated than others. They think that (once again) because a television doctor or some ad they saw on television told them that this weight loss pill or weight loss tablet would help them lose weight, that’s all they need to do. Take a pill and BAM! Overnight success.

Of course, you know that’s not the case. No weight loss pill is going to work without proper diet and exercise, not even if it’s a prescription pill. The exception might be illegal pills, but we don’t want to get into that, do we?

If you’re a Miracle Seeker, it’s time to find a new strategy. There is no pill on this planet that’s going to make you lose weight without significant work on your part. If you feel like a weight loss pill is right for you, then use that pill as a reminder to keep on track with your healthy diet and, after you take it, go take a walk. Trust us – you’ll have much better success that way!

  • Miracle Seekers are people who think a weight loss pill is a cure-all
  • These people may be very busy, or they may just be misled
  • There is no pill, even prescription, that will work 100% without diet and exercise

3. The Supplement Collector

One day in the future, anthropologists are going to open the doors to a Supplement Collector’s home and begin to scratch their heads. The Supplement Collector is like the modern day curator of all the pills on the market. Scientists will look in the medicine cabinets of these folks and be in awe of the many combinations of herbs, chemicals and other “stuff” that people once used to lose weight.

The Supplement Collector, unfortunately, didn’t lose a pound by taking weight loss pills or weight loss tablets. That’s because he went to the drug store with the best of intentions, bought the pills he saw advertised (or the one with the prettiest packaging), then brought them home and never used them.

This is akin to the person who uses the treadmill as a clothes hanger. The Supplement Collector has every intention of losing weight and taking those pills! He just never gets around to doing it.

If you’re a Supplement Collector, you know where the problem lies! It’s okay to experiment with different types of weight loss tablets, but they’re not going to do anything for you if you don’t take them! So set a timer on your phone, or put your pills beside your toothbrush. Remembering to take the supplements is the first step for a Collector.

  • Supplement Collectors have great intentions, but have trouble with follow-through
  • These people buy weight loss tablets but then never take them
  • If you’re a Supplement Collector, find a way to remind yourself to take your tablets each day

4. Fat People

Well, this one’s sort of obvious, and it’s also a broad topic. Yes, Fat People take weight loss pills. But there are all sorts of reasons why they do, and there are also many methods these people use to take the weight loss supplements.

Not all people who take weight loss pills are fat. Not at all. We’re giving you proof of that right here in this article. But there are, obviously, many people who legitimately want to lose weight that are trying to boost their weight loss by using a pill.

Now, with that said, there are Fat People who don’t exercise. There are Fat People who don’t eat well. There are Fat People who collect supplements. There are Fat People who think weight loss tablets are a miracle.

If you’re a Fat Person who’s really trying to lose weight, it’s perfectly fine to take a weight loss pill! We recommend, though, that you talk to your doctor or a nutritionist first about adjusting your lifestyle, then simply adding a weight loss tablet as an addition to your everyday routine.

  • Fat People take weight loss supplements because they’re actually trying to lose weight
  • Fat People who take these pills can fall under any one of these categories
  • If you’re trying to lose weight with a weight loss tablet, we recommend a chat with your doctor about lifestyle first

5. The Forest People

What is a Forest Person, you ask? Well, they’re the people who hate the gym. They’d rather go on weekends and hike the forest, or take a little bit of a walk after work, or rent a rowboat every other Saturday. They’re not lazy people, not at all! But they just don’t get enough exercise to lose the weight they want and reach their goals.

It’s easy for a Forest Person to get discouraged and turn to weight loss pills and tablets. After all, they’re not inactive – they get out when they’re able and they move their bodies – sometimes to the point of being sore the next day! It’s just not enough. It’s recommended that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, so that 30 minute hike isn’t enough to help with weight management.

If you’re a Forest Person, you’re on the right track! And you don’t need to join a gym to get in shape, your physical activity and your healthy diet will get you there. All you need to do is increase your physical activity, and you can feel free to try out a weight loss tablet to boost your success. Get your body moving – really moving – more frequently and you’ll see increased results before you know it.

  • Forest People hate the gym, and would rather exercise outdoors
  • Usually Forest People don’t get enough exercise, which impedes their weight loss success
  • If you’re a Forest Person, that’s great! Just increase your physical activity a bit and you’ll be seeing results in no time!

6. The Weekend Warrior

The Weekend Warrior is similar to the Forest Person, but the Warrior doesn’t mind the gym. In fact, going to the gym or health clubs is one of his favorite ways to relax. Unfortunately, other things get in the way. He has a family and a full time job. He’s tired at the end of the day and the gym is the last place on his mind.

So, the Weekend Warrior pushes himself to the limits on the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays you can find him at the gym, playing pickup basketball with friends, or kicking some tail on the squash court. As with the Forest Person, though, this just isn’t enough. He can’t expect to just kill it on the weekend, then do nothing during the week!

So the Weekend Warrior gets frustrated with his sick of weight loss success. As a result, he turns to weight loss tablets to help boost him toward his goal of optimal fitness and weight loss, when truly he should just be scheduling time to work out during the week.

If you’re a Weekend Warrior, get your tail to the gym! If you want, go ahead and buy that exercise equipment you’ve been eyeing, and install it in your own home. You’ve got the motivation and the energy – you just need the opportunity. So go ahead and make it easy for yourself to work out, so that you can realize your goals.

  • Weekend Warriors are often short on time
  • They’ll work out hard during the weekend, but not get activity during the week
  • If you’re a Weekend Warrior, treat yourself to the opportunity to work out during the week

7. The Fickle Fad Dieter

The Fickle Fad dieter is the next group of weight loss tablet takers. We touched on these people in our Gym Monster category, but most of the time, these people don’t bother with the gym at all. They don’t necessarily rely on weight loss pills to lose weight – and half the time they’re within a normal BMI range and don’t need to lose weight in the first place.

So why do the Fickle Fad Dieters take weight loss supplements? Because it’s the “popular” thing to do. They read in a magazine or saw on television that a new pill or weight loss plan was in style, so they jumped on the bandwagon, regardless of whether they know what the pill does.

Need an example of people who jump on bandwagons? Two words: acai berry. Or those who think they’ll lose weight or somehow be more healthy by following a gluten-free diet. People. Unless you have celiac disease, gluten did nothing to you.

The same goes for people who see ads for the latest and greatest weight loss pills, and just have to try them. These supplements are sometimes chemical and sometimes herbal, but Fickle Fad Dieters take them for no real reason whatsoever, rendering them pretty much ineffective.

If you’re a Fickle Fad Dieter, take control of your medicine chest. If you’re not trying to lose weight, stick with supplements that will benefit you. A good, old fashioned multivitamin and an iron pill will be a better addition to your daily routine than that diet pill you bought because your friend said it was cool.

  • Fickle Fad Dieters take popular weight loss pills regardless of whether they need to
  • These people sometimes don’t even know what’s in the pills or what they’re meant to do
  • If you’re one of these types, take back your medicine chest and just get a multivitamin

8. The Energy Dependent

No, we’re not talking about oil and coal. We’re talking about people who are chronically low on energy and feel fatigued throughout the day. Many weight loss pills and tablets are designed to increase metabolism, and in some cases that means more energy for the pill taker. This can be a good thing, when taken advantage of correctly.

But people who are Energy Dependent go a step further and simply take weight loss tablets for the energy they offer. While there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that, we’d like to offer a word of caution.

If you’re an Energy Dependent pill taker, talk to your doctor. There are so many people who suffer fatigue and a lack of energy due to underlying health conditions. These conditions could be something as simple as an iron deficiency, or could be something more serious.

If you rely on weight loss pills for energy, try doing the counterintuitive: go out and get some exercise. You don’t feel like it now, but it’s going to help, we promise! Switch to more whole foods in your diet, and definitely talk to your doctor as soon as you can to rule out any health concerns.

  • Energy Dependents love the boost of energy weight loss pills and weight loss pills offer
  • If this sounds like you, talk to your doctor to rule out underlying illness or concerns
  • You can get energy naturally by switching to healthier foods and getting more exercise.

9. Celebrities

We’ve got to hand it to celebrities. They go through a lot, and stay in the public eye. We imagine it’s easy for them to become pressured to maintain a certain weight or to look a certain way. In that regard, turning to weight loss pills for support is understandable.

There are also the celebs who are paid to advertise certain weight loss tablets and pills. They may not necessarily need the pills, but the drug manufacturers need them to take them! After all, when that bombshell blonde tells you she stays looking fit by taking X, you’re more likely to give it a try, huh?

You’re probably not a celebrity, but we did feel that we should include this category of pill takers in our list. If for no other reason, then to demonstrate to you that there are definitely people out there who take weight loss pills other than for weight loss.

  • Celebrities take weight loss pills sometimes even when they don’t need to lose weight
  • Endorsements are common for celebrities, and sometimes these endorsements include weight loss pills
  • You’re probably not a celebrity, but do be mindful of peer or public pressure that might cause you to take pills unnecessarily

10. The Overeater

Alright, there are more people who fit into this category than those who’d like to admit they do. Overeaters are everywhere, in every country and they come in all ages and sizes. The Overeater doesn’t necessarily binge eat, though sometimes they will. There are Overeaters who have no issue downing a fast food double quarter pound burger with cheese, a large fry and a super big cola.

But some Overeaters are less obvious. They don’t always eat too much food, or too much at one sitting. They may snack, they might eat the wrong foods, or they may simply not know the difference between bad foods and healthy ones.

Similarly, there are the Overeaters who are in this category because of lack of access to good nutrition. Unfortunately, this is a very real thing. In some areas of the world, it’s simply easier to get a bottle of weight loss pills than it is to afford whole, clean foods that nourish the body and keep you healthy. They may not have access to transportation, to money, or to adequate supply of unprocessed foods.

With all that said, sometimes the Overeaters are quite innocent. They may not understand where their weight is coming from, so they counter the weight gain with a weight loss tablet. If you feel you may belong in this category, it’s a good idea to chat with your doctor or the Health Department to find solutions that may work for your lifestyle.

  • The Overeater eats too much of the wrong foods, causing weight gain
  • Not all Overeaters eat too much on purpose, or binge eat
  • If you feel like you may fit in this group, talk to a doctor!

11. The Darned and Determined

The last category of people who use weight loss pills and tablets are the Darned and Determined. These folks want to lose weight, and they’re serious about doing it. They’ve talked with their physician or a dietician about healthy lifestyle choices. They may have spoken or met with a personal trainer to learn the best course of exercise.

The Darned and Determined take weight loss tablets as what they’re intended for: supplements. They understand that weight loss pills aren’t miracle pills, and that diet and exercise are mandatory to both weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

If this sounds like you, awesome! You’re on the right track, so keep it up! When used correctly, weight loss pills and weight loss tablets can be a great, healthy addition to your daily efforts to lose or maintain weight.

Have you not yet begun a weight loss pill? Talk to your doctor and find out what he or she recommends, based on your health and your existing medications. Then, become Darned and Determined to lose weight with the help of a supplement!

  • The Darned and Determined have educated themselves on proper and healthy weight loss
  • These people use weight loss pills as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle
  • Darned and Determined is what you should strive for – a healthy balance of nutrition, activity and supplements


There are all types of weight loss pills, and just as many types of people who take them! Some pill poppers take weight loss tablets for the right reasons, while others may not be so educated. Be sure to combine your weight loss tablet intake with a healthy dose of exercise and good nutrition, as they were designed to work with a proper lifestyle!