Fat Man´s 11 Smart Strategies How to Get Skinny Fast

Are you ready to get skinny? Ready to be able to bend down to tie your own shoes without losing your breath? Are you ready to travel without buying three plane tickets? How about strap yourself in to a roller coaster ride like the skinny kids do?

It’s time to get skinny fast. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Tips and tricks to get on your way to losing weight
  • How to get skinny without starving yourself
  • Simple changes you can make to lose weight

Tired of being fat? Let’s get started! Here are the Fat Man’s X strategies to get skinny fast.

1. Stop blaming everyone else.

Let’s just start here. If you’re fat, it’s your fault. While most articles on weight loss will pander to your sensitivities, that’s not what we’re here to do.

If you’re fat, it’s because of choices you made. It’s because your lifestyle is making you obese. That said, only you can fix it.

Stop looking for excuses. Your mother didn’t hug you enough? Too bad. Your knee hurts when you run? Try something different. Only you can make the changes necessary to stop being fat. Getting skinny is all on you, bro.

Commit now to making the changes you need to make to get skinny. Let’s face it: you either want to get skinny or you don’t. Come up with a list of reasons if you must. Tape them to your mirror or write them in your diary, it doesn’t matter. Then, refer to them as you need to, but remember: your weight is your fault. Don’t fall back on excuses… just do it.

2. Calculate your ideal caloric intake.

Talk to your doctor or visit an online calculator to determine how many calories you need for the day. The average man needs 2,400 calories each day to maintain his weight. To lose a pound a week, you’ll need to lower that number to 2,000.

Do always talk to your doctor, though. Different people will have different calorie needs, and health conditions can come into play here, too. But remember that a very simple definition of weight loss is burning more calories than you take in.

If you’re an active person, you may need more calories than others. If you sit on your couch binge-watching Netflix all day, you’re likely not going to need many calories to sustain your strenuous activity levels.

Chat with your doc or with a registered dietician and come up with the “magic number” of calories that’s going to help you get skinny fast.

3. Count your calories.

This may seem like an obvious way to get skinny fast, but you’d be surprised at how many people actually skip this step. There are an alarming number of fat folk who would rather count the reps they do at the gym than count the calories they’re funneling into their mouths.

Change that.

Keep a food journal (men, too … they’re not just for women) and keep track of every. Single. Thing. You. Eat. And drink. That beer isn’t a free food – you’ll have to write it down. It all counts – everything you put into your body contributes to either you getting skinny or you getting fatter.

4. Make your calories count.

It’s not enough just to count your calories. You’ve also got to make your calories count. Gorging on Twinkies may be deeply satisfying. But you’d be better served by eating those 150 calories in the form of a banana and a half an apple.

Choose foods that are nutritious and fresh. Fresh fruits and veggies, proteins like chicken and shrimp and even healthy fats like avocado will give you the energy – and the nutrition – you need. They’ll keep you feeling full all day, unlike that Ho Ho you had at breakfast.

Here are a few examples of healthy substitutes you can make to get skinny fast.

  • A slice of pizza has 285 calories. So does a 7 ounce grilled sirloin.
  • Just one tiny little ounce of potato chips has 150 calories. So does 2 tablespoons of hummus and 5 Ritz crackers
  • An ounce of pork rinds has 154 calories and so much fat. Two large pieces of beef jerky contain about 160 calories but with much less fat. (Watch that sodium, though.)

You get the idea. You’re a smart person – you know what an “unhealthy food” is. Rather than reaching for the pizza and beer, think about whether that’s really how you want to get your calories.

5. Skip the bar trips.

Maybe you and the guys unwind at the bar after work. Maybe you go on your own to escape your husband. In fact, you could be the type of person who just likes to drink alone in the privacy of your own living room.

Skip it. Alcohol contains some of the worst types of calories – they’re empty, providing no nutritional value. As if that weren’t enough, alcohol can actually change the way your body burns fat.

It’s not called a beer belly for nothing. Though it could just as easily be called a vodka belly, a wine belly or a gin and tonic belly. Alcohol affects your weight loss efforts in many ways.

  • It lowers inhibitions, making you more likely to binge eat chicken wings and cheeseburgers.
  • It makes you lethargic, meaning you’re not going to make it to the gym the next morning.
  • It’s super high in calories. One shot of bourbon contains almost 100 calories. And forget about those frou-frou drinks.
  • Alcohol blocks your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.
  • Alcohol dehydrates you, impeding your weight loss.

Is a drink every now and then okay? Maybe. Maybe not. That’s up to you and your self control. For the best results, just skip it.

6. What should I eat to lose weight?

So what should you be eating to lose weight? Here’s a run down of the foods that you should be eating to get skinny. Skip the chips and dip and reach for these foods instead:

  • Foods that are high in fiber will help you feel full. The carbohydrates in fiber aren’t digested by your body, so they won’t stick around. (They still count, though, so write them down.)
  • Foods that don’t contain processed sugars are better for you than sweet snacks. Sugar is nothing but empty calories, and while the occasional snack is okay, you should avoid refined sugar. That includes soda.
  • Water is one of the most important parts of a weight loss program. Water boosts your metabolism, flushes the “bad stuff” from your body and also helps prevent fluid retention.
  • Apple cider vinegar is not a food, but consider incorporating it into your diet. Studies have shown that it can help keep your body from absorbing fat.
  • Lean meats and healthy proteins will help you get skinny fast. Choose foods like soy, whey, eggs, chicken, fish and shrimp.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are jam packed with nutrients and fiber. Plan to fill half your plate with fresh produce at each meal. Remember that canned foods are high in sodium, so opt for fresh and frozen.
  • Nuts make a great snack. They’re high in protein and contain the “good fats” your body needs to stay healthy.

Again, you’re smart. It’s fairly easy to take a trip to the grocery store and devise a list of what not to eat. But in case you’re having an off day, let’s look at that, too.

7. What foods should I avoid if I want to get skinny fast?

We’re not going to go through a list of specific foods you should not eat if you want to get skinny fast. Instead, let’s look at the categories of food you should avoid when you’re dropping pounds.

  • Fatty meats. (Yup. Bye bye, bacon.) Instead, choose low-fat, lean meats like grilled chicken, salmon, tuna and turkey.
  • Alcohol. We’ve already covered this. Just don’t.
  • Soda and sugary drinks. Just one can of cola has 140 calories. You could easily drink your way to obesity. Choose water instead.
  • Juice. No one needs juice, not even toddlers. Eat the fresh fruit instead, as it’ll have more fiber and less sugar.
  • White bread. Some white bread is okay, but if you have the choice, choose whole grain breads instead. The white stuff has fewer nutrients and usually added sugar.
  • Fried foods. ‘Nuff said.
  • Ice cream. Instead of that cold, yummy goodness, reach for some frozen yogurt. Literally frozen yogurt – you can dish yogurt into storage containers and freeze it for a healthier choice.
  • Pizza. Don’t get the stuff from the chains. Instead, make your own with whole grain dough or bread, low-fat cheese and homemade sauce.

Guys, you can do this. It’s not rocket science – just go to the grocery store and you can pretty much tell what’s a good choice and what’s not. Keep your diet simple, clean and fresh and you’ll be on your way to getting skinny fast.

8. How should I train to lose weight?

Ah, what a good question! The answer is simple: any way you want. To put it bluntly, any activity you add to your exercise routine is more than you’re doing now. So just get out there and move.

You’re not going to become a bodybuilding god or goddess overnight. It’s going to take work. But you don’t have to join a gym or even invest in exercise equipment to get skinny. Instead, start slow and just walk. If your joints are up for it, you can jog or run.

Calisthenics aren’t just for chicks, either. You can be well on your way to getting skinny by adding some push-ups, sit ups and calf raises to your life. Squats, jumping jacks and lunges are a good way to move your body, too. No one’s looking – do these right in your living room.

Rather than binge watch Real Housewives of Atlanta with a bag of chips, do it while you do some physical activity.

If you’ve got health problems that would prevent you from training or working out, go see a doctor or a personal trainer. Together you can figure out ways to move your body without causing harm to yourself. Oft times, swimming, walking and cycling are recommended for those just beginning to work out. Ask your doc what’s right for you.

9. How long does it take to get skinny?

Well, how fat are you? Men and women both lose, on average, around 2 pounds per week over the long run. In the beginning, though, you’ll probably lose a bit more.

When you first begin to make lifestyle changes, you’ll find that you’re dropping pounds quickly. A lot of this is “water weight,” fluid that you’ve retained. It’s really awesome when you see the scales dropping 4 or 5 pounds each week, but that’s not going to last, so don’t get used to it.

You didn’t get fat overnight. It was a process – a lifelong series of bad choices. You’re not going to get skinny overnight, either. The Centers for Disease Control recommend a weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week. Men who lose weight slowly but surely are more likely to keep the weight off.

If you’re severely obese, your results may differ. Your doctor can help you develop a nutritional plan to follow, or may even recommend bariatric surgery to help you get skinny.

No matter your goal, or no matter how you decide to lose weight, remember that it’s a long-term lifestyle change. Don’t expect an overnight miracle. So, how long does it take to get skinny? That depends on you, my friend.

10. What’s the best diet to get skinny fast?

Another good question, and one we’re glad you asked. There are so many diets out there. There’s the Atkins diet, Paleo diet, ketogenic diet, gluten free diets and even a cotton ball diet. (Kids, do not try that one at home.) So which diet is the best diet?

The answer is simple: any diet. Any one at all. So long as your diet is comprised of fresh foods full of nutrients, it’s a good diet. In fact, even if you were to eat nothing but a 900 calorie fast food burger and some fries every day, it’s still going to help you lose weight. Do we recommend that? No. The point is, getting skinny is simple: eat fewer calories. It’s really that simple.

Choosing the best way to get your calories is up to you. Some people opt for a low-carb, high protein diet. Others do well drinking weight loss shakes all day. Whatever floats your boat. Talk to your doctor about any health concerns you may have (diabetics, people with high cholesterol and the like will have different nutritional needs) and then get started.

The best diet to get skinny fast is the one you stick with. Starting a plan that’s going to leave you feeling hungry, cranky or fatigued is a no-go. You’re going to quit before you reach your goal. Find a sustainable program you can stick with for the long run and BAM! That’s the best diet to get skinny fast.

Once again, it’s not rocket science. Healthy food choices, fewer calories and exercise are going to help you get skinny.

11. Best strategies for how to get skinny fast.

Alright. So now you know the basics. So far, we’ve determined that:

  • Losing weight means you should burn more calories than you take in.
  • Different diets exist; choose the best one for you with the help of your doctor.
  • Exercise is an important component of getting skinny fast – it doesn’t matter what kind.
  • Calories count, but healthy food choices are important.
  • The best diet is a sustainable diet.

Now, let’s go over just a few tips and tricks that you can add to your everyday routine to help you get skinny fast.

Don’t park so close.

Nothing says irony like the guy who gets dropped off at the front door of the gym. Just walk, guys. Park in the furthest spot and walk to the entrance of the gym, your workplace, the grocery store or wherever else you’re going.

Drink water.

Yes, we mentioned this before, but it’s important. Water isn’t just going to help you burn calories. It’s also going to help you feel full, and will help with fluid retention. Plan to drink four to six cups of water each day. That’s not that much – you can do it.

Change one small thing each week.

There’s no need to drive yourself crazy trying to get skinny fast. You don’t have to cut out everything all at the same time. Instead, take it week by week. Take away sodas the first week. Beer the second. The third week, switch to only lean proteins. You get the idea. Remember that this is a process. Enjoy it.

Remember your hormonal cycles.

Men and women both have hormonal cycles. Pay attention to these. Does it necessarily go without saying that women will crave chocolate while they’re on their period? Hell no. That’s just a stereotype. But, that said, there are times of the month when men and women will retain fluids. Keep that in mind when you eat and when you weigh.

Set yourself a food curfew.

If ou’d normally close out your evening by watching Gold Rush on National Geographic and snacking on honey mustard pretzels, change that. Set yourself a food curfew of, say, 7 pm and promise yourself you won’t eat after that time. You can still watch Gold Rush if that’s really your jam, but do it without the snacks.

Eliminate your triggers.

About that Gold Rush thing… it’s possible it could be a trigger for you. Your mouth starts watering as you watch Parker Schnabel dig gold but you’re not drooling over the young mind boss. You’re thinking of those pretzels. If certain places, events or activities trigger you to overeat, skip them.

Use your lunch break to move.

If there’s no rule at work that says you can’t eat at your desk, then eat at your desk. Rather than take your lunch break to gossip about your coworkers in the break room, get outside and take a walk or ride your bike around the city. Don’t work up a sweat so that your officemates will start stocking up on Lysol, but do move enough to burn a few calories.

Choose exercise you like.

If you hate running, don’t run. It’s simple. If you don’t like an exercise, you’re not going to do it. So pick something you enjoy doing for the best way to get skinny fast.

Choose foods you like.

By the same token, don’t eat broccoli or kale if you think it’s disgusting. Obviously you won’t want to opt for Ring Dings either, but choose other healthful foods you’ll enjoy eating.

Join a gym.

You don’t need to join a gym to get skinny fast. But it might help. Men and women both say that joining a gym gives motivation and variety to workouts. It’s also very motivational when the bill cycle rolls around each month.

…Or not.

Then again, if you’re not the type to want to sweat around other people (or have other people sweat around you) a gym isn’t going to help you at all. Develop an exercise routine that works for you. You absolutely can get skinny fast … at home.

Check out available apps.

Sometimes the most successful fat people have lost weight just by downloading a few apps to their phones. There are meal planners, food and calorie trackers, exercise trackers, complete workout videos and even jogging route crowdsourcing apps for both Android and iOS. Take a look at what’s out there and see what appeals to you.

Drink water.

You probably already know this. But drinking water is really going to help you get skinny fast. Drink it:

  • 30 minutes before each meal
  • With each meal
  • Throughout the day
  • Instead of coffee, soda, juice and even milk

Try it for a week. Rather than any other drink, choose water. If you’re the type who would probably commit a crime without caffeine, drink green tea instead and stay out of jail.

Don’t depend on supplements.

Supplements can definitely give your body the kick it needs to jump start weight loss and get skinny fast. But don’t rely on them. Feel free to experiment with safe supplements (check each of the ingredients for interactions with your medications) but don’t let them become a crutch. That pill you took does not counteract the three Big Macs.

Don’t work out at all.

You absolutely do not need a strict exercise routine to lose weight. Get your activity in in other ways. Walk the dog (briskly) for 30 minutes each evening. Go geocaching with your family (but don’t take the car). Go fly kites with your son. Every bit counts! If the gym or the treadmill is a huge turnoff to you, skip them and get your activity elsewhere.

Visit with a personal trainer.

You don’t have to join a gym, but most health clubs have partnerships with personal trainers. Find one in your area and pick his or her brain for fitness, diet and weight loss tips. These people have worked with a lot of fat folk and can pass on a tip or two to you.

…and a dietician!

You don’t need to talk to a dietician if you don’t want to. You can totally do this on your own. But if you have health concerns like diabetes or high cholesterol, it might not be a bad idea to get some pointers.

Get some sleep.

Studies have shown that an earlier bedtime and at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night can greatly improve your chances of getting skinny fast.

Freeze your leftovers when possible.

You know how they say that you’re always hungry an hour after eating Chinese food? Well, a lot of foods are like that. To get rid of temptation, don’t store your leftovers in the fridge where you might snack on them later. Freeze them instead, when possible, or store them in translucent storage containers when it’s not possible. Keep leftovers in mind while you’re cooking or ordering, too. No leftovers is better than temptation in your fridge.

Get a hobby.

If you’re painting, you’re not snacking. So get yourself a hobby. It doesn’t have to be anything artsy fartsy. You could choose to fly a drone or take pictures. You might end up in National Geographic. The point is, people who have hobbies are more successful at weight loss than people who don’t have them.

Keep it simple.

As we mentioned before, if you want to get skinny fast it doesn’t mean you have to go on some elaborate – or dangerous – fad diet. Keep it simple. If you’re constantly frustrated by all the “rules” of your diet or the strictness of your exercise routine, you’re going to quit. In which case you’re going to be fat. So keep it simple for the best results.


You, too, can learn to tie your shoestrings without gasping for air. You can even get skinny, and get skinny fast. Keep it simple, use your common sense and you’re already on your way. Get help from the pros when you need it, and, most of all, don’t be discouraged by small setbacks!